Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lisa Stickley Bags

These Lisa Stickley bags are great for everyday, Plastic coated, Cotton funky lining.

Book Bag £34.95 Double make-up Bag £34.95

Seasalt everyday wear.

Gorgeous Seasalt Potter Skirt £44.99

Seasalt Red Icon Tee £17.99

0039 Long Blue Cardigan £84.95

Avoca Coat

Two styles of Avoca, both absolutely stunning, great to finish off a wedding outfit.

Grey Stratten Coat £265.95

Purple Ellis Coat £224.95

Bellaju Summer Tunic

Bellaju summer tunic is proving as popular as the velvet style we had over the winter. This gorgeous light bamboo and silk tunic comes in 3 different colours, great for a spring or summer's day.

Price £89.95

Monday, 4 April 2011

Olive & Orange Sundress

Gorgeous new Olive & Orange Sundress is now in! They are stunning, perfect for a summers day, holidays!! Prices from £154.95