Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cuckoo's treasure hunt

We visited PULSE LONDON this Monday, a unique UK summer trade show that brings together an inspirational combination of design-led product launches and exciting contemporary brands. We saw a lots of lovely clothes and accessories. We found some amazing scarves and are delighted to take on a new gorgeous bag brand called CEANNIS to Cuckoo



                 Ceannis Living Accessories started in Sweden in 2002 around the idea of design and manufacturing of beautiful and functional handbags and accessories of high quality and a high degree of fashion.
The Company founded by Ann-Louise Andrén is based on the passion for beautiful materials, production and design, all combined in a lifestyle concept.

The company’s soul is anchored in the Asian sensuality but with strong European influences.

We cooperate with the best suppliers in the world, all the way from the most advanced leather materials to the smallest buckle. We also enjoy the advantages of a long-lasting and close relation with a prime manufacturing plant, Ceannis was instrumental to its set up and we are deeply involved in its development.
The plant operates under a code of conduct to ensure corporate social responsibility.

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